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Extended Process

Parts 1 and 2

Deptford, London, 17 March to 23 April 2017

The premise of Extended Process is an expansion of the spirit and ideas of Exchange Rates / Sluice_, held in Brooklyn, October 2016. Extended Process is a continuation of the conversations started in New York; it builds on our experience of those events, and is staged as a two-part project. Read Paul D’Agostino’s essay on Brooklyn and the genesis of this project.

Part 1 takes place at the Saturation Point space, a private event hosted by Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock, exhibiting paintings, works on paper, and sculpture.

Artists: Debra Ramsay, Rob de Oude, Deb Covell, Brigitte Parusel, Charley Peters, Mel Prest, Laurence Noga, Eric Cruickshank

Part 2, hosted by Brigitte Parusel, is being held at APT Studios. Part of the Saturation Point involvement in the project was a partnership with Odetta Gallery, where the artists' work was displayed in flat files / chests of drawers. Extended Process Part 2 reciprocates this exchange by exhibiting artworks in flat file format, inviting artists from the UK, the Netherlands and the USA to present their works creatively within this format.

Artists:  Gabriele Evertz, Fiona Grady, Gilbert Hsiao, Hanz Hancock, Patrick Morrissey, Guido Winkler.